LieBold Protocol

Inside the Book Title: THE LIEBOLD PROTOCOL Author: Michael & Kathleen McMenamin Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing  Pages: 389 Genre: Historical Thriller BOOK BLURB: Winston Churchill’s Scottish goddaughter, Mattie McGary, the adventure-seeking Hearst photojournalist, reluctantly returns to Nazi Germany in the summer of 1934 and once again finds herself in deadly peril in a gangster…… Continue reading LieBold Protocol

Obsessions of a Djinni

Title: OBSESSIONS OF A DJINNIAuthor: Claudia HerringPublisher: Caravanserai PublishingPages: 374Genre: Romantic Fantasy BOOK BLURB: A djinni seduces his master’s young bride, forcing her to make a fateful choice. A world of mysterious powers and tumultuous intrigues comes to life in Regency England as a djinni, burdened with a dark secret, is thrown into a love…… Continue reading Obsessions of a Djinni

The Society

Title: THE SOCIETY Author: C.G. Abbot Publisher: Blazing Sword Publishing Pages: 367 Genre: Suspense Thriller BOOK BLURB: When Elizabeth Grant sees her childhood friend, she is thrown into a world of secret societies laced with conspiracies. Elizabeth has been plagued with visions since the disappearance of Loralie. When she returns to the small town of…… Continue reading The Society

Moses & Mac

Title: MOSES & MACAuthor: Franca PelacciaPublisher: Solstice PublishingPages: 303Genre: Women’s Fiction/Adventure/Mystery BOOK BLURB: On her dismal 30th birthday, unassuming Victorian scholar Mackenzie Braden receives a mysterious package from her Aunt Sara, urging her to locate Moses’ rod. The most powerful weapon in history will start global chaos if it lands in the wrong hands. Sara was…… Continue reading Moses & Mac


Title: PASSENGERSAuthor: Elizabeth CollumsPublisher: Amite River PressPages: 309Genre: Historical Fiction/Family Drama BOOK BLURB: During the Great Irish Famine the Ewing family made their way from their rural cottage to the village of Highland Way. Annie, the oldest daughter was left to care for her mother and younger sister after her father left to find work…… Continue reading Passengers

Inside the Book Title: A BROKEN REALITY Author: Rob Kaufman Publisher: Independent Pages: 320 Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Psychological Thriller BOOK BLURB: On a fateful night in the dead of winter, an unimaginable tragedy changes the lives of two families forever. How will they manage to deal with reality while stopping the sociopath who is pushing them toward…… Continue reading