WHAT’S NOT SAID by Valerie Taylor

Book Details:Book Title:  What’s Not Said by Valerie TaylorCategory:  Adult Fiction 18+,Genre:  Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit Publisher:  She Writes Press, 300 pagesRelease date:  September 2020Tour dates: August 9 to August 27Content Rating:  PG-13 + M  2021 International Book Awards Finalist in Fiction: Women’s Fiction2020 Canadian Book Club Awards Finalist in FictionChosen as an August 2021 Pulpwood Queens Book Club selectionFeatured…… Continue reading WHAT’S NOT SAID by Valerie Taylor


In service to His Majesty, one must be prepared for Hell. To survive as a scullery maid requires hard work, discipline, and a stiff upper lip. To survive as a demon hunter is something else entirely. Elizabeth Smyth learned this after she was captured by Demons and rescued by hunters. Now a hunter herself, Elizabeth’s…… Continue reading Betrayal


Title: LYSSA STRATA: A COMEDY FOR THE FRUSTRATEDAuthor: Martti NelsonPublisher: Humorist BooksPages: 205Genre: Women’s Fiction / Commercial Fiction / Humorous Fiction BOOK BLURB: She’s mad as hell, and she’s not gonna give it up anymore. Librarian Lyssa Strata has long begged the Town Council of Athena, Massachusetts, to repeal its disgusting old misogynist and racist…… Continue reading LYSSA STRATA: A COMEDY FOR THE FRUSTRATED


Inside the Book Title: SONG OF ALL SONGS: EARTHCYCLES BOOK ONEAuthor: Donna Dechen BirdwellPublisher: Wide World HomePages: 375Genre: Science Fiction BOOK BLURB: Long after the apocalypse, Earth has repeopled itself. Twice. Despised by her mother’s people and demeaned by her absent father’s legacy, Meridia has one friend—Damon, an eccentric photologist. When Damon shows Meridia a…… Continue reading SONG OF ALL SONGS: EARTHCYCLES BOOK ONE


Title: THE LADY’S REVENGE (Book 2)Author: Arabella SheratonPublisher: BublishPages: 186Genre: Regency Romance BOOK BLURB: This engaging traditional Regency romance is the sequel to Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball. Miss Letitia DeVere decides that revenge is a dish best eaten cold when she returns to London after a two-year absence to find her former admirer Lord Charles…… Continue reading THE LADY’S REVENGE (Book 2)


Inside the Book Title: BLIND PONY: AS TRUE A STORY AS I CAN TELLAuthor: Samantha HartPublisher: Wild Bill PublishingPages: 359Genre: Biography/Autobiography/Memoir BOOK BLURB: In her debut memoir, entrepreneur and Hollywood executive Samantha Hart reveals the abuses and traumas that she overcame to build a creative, successful, and love-filled life. BLIND PONY As True A Story As…… Continue reading BLIND PONY: AS TRUE A STORY AS I CAN TELL

The Academy Saga by CJ Daly

Book Details: Book Title:  The Academy Saga by C.J. DalyCategory:  Adult Fiction (18 yrs +),  500 pagesGenre: Suspense RomancePublisher:  BrandyLight InkRelease date:   September 2019Format available for review:  print, and ebook (mobi file (for Kindle), ePub, PDF)Will send print books out:  USA and CanadaTour dates: July 12 to Aug 6Content Rating:  PG-13. My book has some adult themes, language, and a…… Continue reading The Academy Saga by CJ Daly


Title: BLACK ROCKS AND RAINBOWSAuthor: Susan C. RifordPublisher: Blackstone PublishingGenre: YA / Historical BOOK BLURB: The journey of a lifetime told in the audiobook BLACK ROCKS AND RAINBOWS begins with a ship: “An enormous canoe, with great white wings like a magnificent bird.” This is the merchant schooner Triumph from New England, anchored offshore by what is now known…… Continue reading BLACK ROCKS AND RAINBOW


Inside the Series Title: DEMON HUNTER SERIESAuthor: A.S. FenichelPublisher: IndependentPages: 320 – 340 each bookGenre: Paranormal Historical Romance SERIES BLURB: In a world fraught with demons threatening to destroy humankind, a company of demon hunters will risk everything to save the world. ASCENSION When demon hunters threaten London, even ladies must answer the call… Lord…… Continue reading DECEPTION