The Brave Art of Motherhood

Inside the Book Title: THE BRAVE ART OF MOTHERHOODAuthor: Rachel Marie MartinPublisher: Random HousePages: 204Genre: Self-Help BOOK BLURB: Full-time blogger, speaker, marketer, podcaster, and single mom of seven, Rachel Marie Martin presents a wake-up call to those of us who have found ourselves stuck in the ‘I’m just a mom’ phase of life. Yes,…… Continue reading The Brave Art of Motherhood

Inside the Book Title: RestlessAuthor: Michelle BellonPublisher: Booktrope EditionsPages: 204Genre:  Contemporary Romance BOOK BLURB: You grow up. You get married. You have a family. At least, that’s what Malea Winters believes she’s supposed to do. So why is it that every time she comes close to finding that happily ever after, she runs? When she…… Continue reading

Chicano Homeland

Inside the Book Title: CHICANO HOMELANDAuthor: Louis R. NegretePublisher: IndependentPages: 136Genre: Historical/Nonfiction BOOK BLURB: Los Angeles author-educator Dr. Louis R. Negrete lived and now tells the compelling, dynamic story of the movement for the rights of Mexican-Americans in the USA, particularly those In California.  In his riveting, powerfully written historical book, CHICANO HOMELAND,  retired college professor Dr.…… Continue reading Chicano Homeland

The ‘Real’ American Diet

Inside the Book Title: THE ‘REAL’ AMERICAN DIETAuthor: Kevin AlstonPublisher: Xlibris PublishingPages: 48Genre: Memoir/Nonfiction BOOK BLURB: This book is a culmination of the author’s life, but mainly the past 10 years, where personal tragedies have led him to discover more about the correlation with food, nutrition & the diseases of today, & how it affects…… Continue reading The ‘Real’ American Diet

Desire Card

Inside the Book Title: THE DESIRE CARDAuthor: Lee Matthew GoldbergPublisher: Fahrenheit PressPages: TBAGenre: Crime/Suspense BOOK BLURB: Any wish fulfilled for the right price. That’s the promise the Desire Card gives to its elite clients. But if the Card doesn’t feel like they’ve been justly compensated, the “price” will be more menacing than the clients could…… Continue reading Desire Card

The Consequence of Stars

Inside the Book Title: CONSEQUENCES OF STARS: A MEMOIRAuthor: David W. BernerPublisher: Adelaide Books New Yotk/LisbonPages: 200Genre: Memoir/Essays BOOK BLURB: THE CONSEQUENCE OF STARS is a unique and thoughtful memoir on our eternal search for home. Told in a series of essays on love, loss, travel, music, spirituality, and the joys of solitude, memoirist David W. Berner,…… Continue reading The Consequence of Stars

The High Court

Book Details: Book Title:  The High Court by Chris Ledbetter Category:  YA Fiction, 290 pages Genre:  Fantasy Publisher:  Month 9 Books Release date:  October 16, 2018 Content Rating: PG (some profanity (damn, ass), no f-bombs, some kissing, no sex scenes, some violence, nothing gory or graphic) Book Description: High atop Mount Olympus, dawn breaks on a new academic…… Continue reading The High Court