Inside the Book Title: THE SHADE UNDER THE MANGO TREE Author: Evy JourneyPublisher: Sojourner BooksPages: 330Genre: Contemporary Fiction BOOK BLURB: After two heartbreaking losses, Luna wants adventure. Something and somewhere very different from the affluent, sheltered home in California and Hawaii where she grew up. An adventure in which she can also make some difference. She…… Continue reading THE SHADE UNDER THE MANGO TREE

THE BOY BETWEEN by Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley

Book Details: Book Title: The Boy Between – A Mother and Son’s Journey from a World Gone Grey by Amanda Prowse and Josiah HartleyCategory:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 286 pagesGenre:  Author Memoir, FamilyPublisher:  Little ARelease date:  November 2020Content Rating: R: 1. Infrequent use of F word in context (estimated 10 times in book), 2. Mildly questions religious faith during a testing time,…… Continue reading THE BOY BETWEEN by Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley

Baby Bear’s Spaghetti Misadventures

Inside the Book Title: Baby Bear’s Spaghetti MisadventuresAuthor: Linda KarimoPublisher: IndependentPages: 42Genre: Children’s Picture Book BOOK BLURB: Meet Mama Bear and her sweet little bear child, Baby Bear. Sometimes he doesn’t do what Mama Bear says, sound familiar? This one particular day when Mama Bear was cooking spaghetti and meatballs, Baby Bear bounced his ball…… Continue reading Baby Bear’s Spaghetti Misadventures

THE WAY TO REMEMBER by Martha Reynolds

Book Details: Book Title:  The Way to Remember by Martha ReynoldsCategory:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  341 pagesGenre:  Women’s fiction, general fictionPublisher:  IndependentRelease date:   June, 2020Format available for review:  print, Gifted Kindle, PDFWill send print books out:  USATour dates: Oct 26 to Nov 13, 2020Content Rating:  PG-13 +M. There are a few swear words, and sex is more suggested than…… Continue reading THE WAY TO REMEMBER by Martha Reynolds


Inside the Book Title: ZRADAAuthor: Lance CharnesPublisher: Wombat Group MediaPages: 335Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller BOOK BLURB: Two priceless paintings. Two million euros. A civil war. What could go wrong? The DeWitt Agency assigned disgraced ex-cop Carson a simple job: carry two briefcases of cash to swap for two artworks stolen from a German…… Continue reading zrada

The Moon Is Missing by Jenni Ogden

Book Details: Book Title:  The Moon Is Missing by Jenni OgdenCategory:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  388 pagesGenre:  Book Club, Literary, Women’s Fiction, Domestic SuspensePublisher:  Sea Dragon PressRelease date:   April 2020Tour dates: Oct 26 to Nov 20, 2020Content Rating:  PG-13 + M: No violence, mild non-explicit sex scenes, appropriate and minimal use of f— words and a few mild cusses…… Continue reading The Moon Is Missing by Jenni Ogden