THE KIMINEE DREAM (a novel) by Laura McHale Holland

Book Details:

Book Title:  The Kiminee Dream: A Novel
Author:  Laura McHale Holland
​Category:  Adult Fiction (18+ and older), 342 pages
Genre:  Literary fiction, magical realism
Publisher:  WORDforest
Release date:  April, 2020
Formats Available for review: print soft-back (USA and Canada), ebook (mobi for kindle, epub, pdf, Gifted Kindle)
Tour dates:  June 7 to June 18, 2021
Content Rating:  PG-13 + M. A few scenes contain violence and sexual assault. These are not major aspects of the book and don’t go into great detail, but these experiences have repercussions for some of the characters that they have to resolve.
Book Description:

A deeply poetic, riveting debut novel, The Kiminee Dream is a tale of Midwest charm and quirky characters, but with twists and turns that reveal a dark side you don’t see coming.

It’s true that odd things happen in Kiminee, Illinois. Lilacs bloom in winter. Gravel glows golden on occasion. The river sings as it wends through town. But this is normal for the tight-knit folks who call Kiminee home. So when auburn-tufted Carly Mae Foley learns to read at age two and masters multiplication at age three, the denizens take it in stride and embrace her with pride.

But all is not well in Carly Mae’s family. And when a twister roars though, it decimates their home, along with their emotional bonds, as her mother’s affair is exposed and her father goes missing. A determined grandmother, one-eared dog and generous benefactor come to the gifted child’s aid, but not everyone is rooting for her, and when an appalling crime occurs, long-held animosities boil over. No one can say whether the good folks of Kiminee will pull closer together—or be torn apart.

Influenced by folklore and magical realism, The Kiminee Dream is both hypnotic and endearing. If you like depth as well as whimsy, arresting twists, and details that stir your heart, you’ll love what is ultimately an eloquent exploration of acceptance and a tender tribute to the people of Illinois
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THE KIMINEE DREAM by Laura McHale Holland was a well written adult Literary fiction book with a nice amount of magical realism. This was a new genre mix for me, but I found it to be enjoyable. I really liked Kiminee, Illinois as the setting especially with all of the strange happenings. The Midwest charm really made the book something worth reading for me.

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