The Beijing Memorandum by JB Morris

The Beijing Memorandum by JB Morris

Book Details:
Book Title:  The Beijing Memorandum by JB Morris

Category:  Adult Fiction, 538 pages

Genre:  Thriller

Publisher:  JB Morris

Release date:   November 25, 2019

Content Rating:  PG-13 (There is violence and profanity including f-word. There is no explicit sex.)

Book Description:

The headlines read:

U. S. Bolstering Pacific Military Forces to Counter ‘Massive’ Beijing Buildup.
Pentagon Acknowledges Beijing Seeks Global Supremacy.

This is what the news media is saying. But what exactly is happening behind closed doors?

The Beijing Memorandum takes reader on a thrill ride from the heavily guarded Zhongnanhai compound in Beijing to the FBI Headquarters in the Nation’s Capital to the White House’s Situation Room to the Palacio Nacional in Mexico City.

Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Moses Remington knew terror firsthand. He saw it during his combat deployments in Fallujah, Iraq and in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He saw it again in Mexico when he stumbled across China’s secret plan.

Now, he must dodge Chinese assassins and an FBI dragnet to save Consulate General Gao Quan and his family from certain execution to disclose China’s secret plans to the world.

This new release from JB Morris will be available on Nov 25!
In the meantime, it is currently available for pre-order on Amazon!

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Author JB Morris

Meet the author:   

JB Morris is an international bestselling thriller author with a unique writing style & received two Reader’s Favorite FIVE-STAR awards for writing excellence.

Connect with the author:   Website ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  


The Beijing Memorandum by JB Morris was a well written book that avoided the norm of action books taking place mainly in the US. I really liked how the author used settings that are not the norm in action books as it kept thing interesting. Moses Remington made for a great main character who I ended up being drawn into his plans to stand against terror. Overall, I found this book to be an enjoyable read that was well worth the time to read it.

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